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Save time and budget! You only need one expert. Using Model Guardian simplifies the complex overhead of building or tailoring Corporate metamodels, buy automating and managing Metamodels.

Model Guardian provides an easy, intuitive way to create frameworks for Enterprise Architect. Its user interface lets you easily build the metamodel of the framework. It provides list boxes populated with the elements of the metamodel so you can easily add them to the toolboxes. Tag definitions created in the UI are also available to be assigned to the Object and Connector Types. Changes, like reassigning an Object Type's parent in the metamodel hierarchy is as simple as clicking on the new parent.

Managing Frameworks and Models

Managing frameworks goes well beyond their initial creation. Model Guardian provides automatic archival and retrieval of framework versions. Models can be automatically synchronized with changes to a framework to ensure they do not become obsolete. Existing models can even be brought under framework control.

Model Guardian Suite of Products

The Model Guardian suite of products work together to provide the model environment you envision.

Model Guardian
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