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For the power user and those working across multiple domains, the Ultimate Edition offers the complete Enterprise Architect experience. With deep support for Business Modeling, Software Engineering and Systems development, seamlessly integrated into a single development environment, you and your team can always remain in touch and in control of even the most complex and exacting projects.

Included MDG Technologies/Architectural Frameworks:

  • Everyone can model the same way.
    If models are consistent then they are easier to read and much more likely to be re-used.

  • No more novice users.

    By sharing reference models, the best modelling standards can be made available to everyone. Letting every modeler be an expert modeler.

  • Define and communicate your approved company meta-model.

    Only using a subset of BPMN, Archimate or UML? Or need a way to standardize how your modelers integrate Archimate elements with BPMN? No problem. Create your ‘model’ solution and then use it to quality check everything your modelers produce.

  • Configure your own rules.

    Specify permitted or required data, how the results are presented, and recommended fixes.

  • Deliver an objective measure of model quality.

    Define a model structure and validate work done against it. Track the number and severity of problems vs. your company/department/project standards and monitor improvements as the problems are fixed.

  • Support Model Governance.

    Model Expert allows each modeler to correct their own work before release, giving the model manager confidence that the work of different teams will be compatible.

  • Apply standards and checks at every level of the model.

    Check for correctness at diagram level, package level or for the whole model.
Model Expert