Professional Services

Our experts at INTEGRATE iT accelerate your capabilities to make disciplined Agile Project Management. Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Process modeling, Software Engineering and custom programming services. Modeling Frameworks and tools all work smoothly together providing the skills and insights proving the value of a smooth running repeatable process.

For many years, we have delivered successful outcomes to our clients during large-scale transformation projects by using reuse framework deployments, productivity tools and custom project training and support.



Our Expert consultants are carefully chosen based upon their track record of delivering quality services with high integrity over many years and who have created a loyal client base. Choose from our selection of Consulting Services.

  • Business Architecture
  • Rapid Assessments
  • Enterprise Architect Repository Deployments
  • Architect Custom Consulting
  • Enterprise Architect Document Generation and Reporting
  • Enterprise Architect SQL Report Programming
  • Enterprise Architect Custom Programming

Rapid Assessments

Business transformations and technology development projects are a high risk business when we look at the overall software industry record of success. Traditional disciplines like manufacturing and engineering have enjoyed long and successful track record with budgeted cost overruns in the low range of 10% to 15%.

The technology has a proven track record of work taking three times longer and costs are doubled. Can we improve this?

CIO Magazine recently reported as many as 71 percent of technology transformation and software projects that fail, do so because of poor requirements management, making it the single biggest reason for project failure. The US National Institute for Standards and Technology estimates a loss of $30 billion per year for software projects initiated by US business. What’s wrong here? Some answers are:

  • Failure to deliver
  • Cost overruns
  • Time overruns
  • Cost of missed opportunities
  • Declining client loyalty
  • Lawsuits
  • Loss of talented staff

Our seasoned business transformation, software process improvement subject matter experts may assist your organization to rapidly find the root cause of these unacceptable project failures and to change your people, process and tools to embrace success.

Architecture Repository Deployments

At INTEGRATE iT we provide clients with complimentary access to our custom-built, integrated framework and repository – a valuable software library with dozens of reusable role‑based model patterns, stencils, framework structures, re-use catalogs, and modeling-related help screens – resources that can save literally months of “re-inventing the wheel” time over the course of a major corporate project:

  • Accelerate your projects without costly setup and training time losses
  • Allow for project standardization and governance
  • Avoid costly project delays
  • Deliver business value within weeks not months or years
  • Empower your team to succeed the first time
  • Guarantee rigorous tool deployments to avoid major pitfalls and massive failures

This repository library was created over many years of consulting services to reduce time and start-up complexity and is built using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. We provide Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Repository Deployment services for:

  • Custom Enterprise Architect Project Readiness training
  • Migration from legacy architecture tools to Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture Guild (BIZBOK®)
  • Business Process Modeling (BPMN 2)
  • Finance
  • Government – Federal, State, County, City
  • Healthcare
  • International Institute of Business Analysis (BABOK®)
  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Requirements Management (CMMI REQM)
  • TOGAF®