Collaboration and Sharing for Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate provide a holistic platform for all stakeholders to Collaborate, Edit, Review, Approve, Personalize and Integrate knowledge across the Digital Enterprise. This profound capability signals the end of tool silos for all stakeholders anywhere and anytime from any device.

Prolaborate-ProCloud Server

Enable Perpetual Transformation – Socialize, align, and deliver better business solutions by sharing business knowledge relevant to C-Level leadership, business leads, subject matter experts, business architects, business process modelers, business analysts, solution architects, software engineers, testers, and project managers.

Create Business Value - Collaborate, Innovate, Model, Review, Edit, and Approve factual knowledge to rapidly deliver business value by directly involving stakeholders surrounding a united business and technical modeling community. Provide transparent knowledge and share better business outcomes.

Ensure Business Solution Agility – Deployment of traceable business knowledge into business processes, business rules, products, services, regulations, and business requirements must be timely, effective, re-useable, and available across the business enterprise. Reduce delivery timeframes by 40% using a re-useable business knowledge management platform.

Provide Business Integrity – Use metrics and empower stakeholders to view real-time KPI dashboards tracing from strategy to human and digital operations. Make adjustments to strategy, policy, business rules, business processes, services, regulations, requirements, and information then model, simulate to rapidly execute precise transformations.

Enable Business Knowledge Management – Enterprise Architect, a proven product with hundreds of millions of users globally, to provide a “single source of truth” knowledge management platform. Use Open Standards to integrate with best of breed industry leading tools (Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, MS Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Tasktop, MS Visual Studio, using Open OSLC RESTful API Standards.)

IIBALearn why the IIBA carefully selected Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect as the only tool in its new strategic alliance because Sparx is (in IIBA's words) a "leader [in its field]...offering the BA community increased value and support, helping achieve better business outcomes.“

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