Training Data Architecture Hands-on using Enterprise Architect

Data Architecture Fundamentals

Duration: 2 days – Virtual Learning and mentorship led by Practice Leader and Sparx SME

Not sure where to start with Data Modeling? What’s the relationship between business intelligence, artificial intelligence, concept model, logical, and physical data models? Why are all well-formed information modeling skills so necessary to deliver effective business intelligence, artificial intelligence, operational record keeping solutions. This course provides the insights and practice you need to enhance your skills.

This "hands-on" Workshop reveals the importance of developing well-formed approaches and techniques to develop data and information models. Work directly with a practice leader using Let’s practice hands-on Workshops that pragmatically apply industry best practice techniques using Enterprise Architect.

Modeling consistent and readable concept, logical, and physical data models is essential to any enterprise architecture, portfolio management, business analysis, requirements, and process improvement activity. You will practice how to apply the correct modeling techniques to share with business users, business rules analysts, business analysts, and solution architects.

Experience hands-on business concept modeling, logical and physical data modeling and learn how to apply Enterprise Architect on your very next project. Discover surprising ways to improve your skills and techniques as practiced by leading experts in the field. Save time under the watchful eye of a practice leader with many years of in-depth experience consulting and mentoring teams to Data Architecture projects. Master Enterprise Architect to save time and become confident in your use and mastery of Enterprise Architect.

Data Architecture Fundamentals

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Our expert mentor Ramsay Millar works closely with every student to personally ensure they fully grasp lesson plans during the many hands-on workshop sessions.

Practice Hands-on Data Modeling

  1. Practice hands-on workshops using Enterprise Architect to become confident using Enterprise Architect
  2. Learn the key approaches to perform Data and Information modeling
  3. Learn best practice techniques based upon the Data Management Book of Knowledge (DMNBoK)
  4. Practice Concept modeling to capture the semantics of a business area
  5. Practice Logical Data Modeling to gather requirements
  6. Practice Physical Data Modeling
  7. Reverse Engineer a Database
  8. Generate a Data Dictionary
  9. Trace the impacts of change and how data impacts all domains
  10. Generate a Data model Website using Enterprise Architect

Our expert instructors work closely with every student to personally ensure they fully grasp every lesson plan during the hands-on workshops sessions to ensure that the Certification is achieved.

  • Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Certification
  • Certificate of Education Credits


  • Business Analysts
  • Business Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • QA Testers
  • Project Managers, and students


Enterprise Architect Getting Started

Getting Started
  1. Introduction
  2. Login to the ALLin1 EA Repository – Let's Practice!
  3. What is an Enterprise Architecture Repository? – Let's Practice!
  4. Modeling Best Practices
  5. START – Searching the Model - Let's Practice!
  6. DESIGN - Mastering diagrams - Let's Practice!
  7. LAYOUT - Themes and Appearance – Let's Practice!
  8. DEVELOP – Database Modeling
  9. PUBLISH – Publish Documentation
  10. SIMULATE – Business Process Simulation
  11. SPECIALIZE - Microsoft Office Integration
  12. CONSTRUCT – Kanban
  13. EXECUTE - Code Execution
  14. CONFIGURE – Security, Groups, Permissions
  15. Enterprise Architect – Model, Share, Engage, Collaborate

Data Architecture

  1. Data Architecture best practices
  2. Data Architecture Overview 
  3. Business Capability model – Let’s Practice!
  4. Concept model – Let’s Practice!
  5. Solution Building Blocks – Let’s Practice!
  6. Logical Data Model – Let’s Practice!
  7. Data Requirements – Let’s Practice!
  8. Physical Data modeling – Let’s Practice!
  9. Reverse Engineer a Relational Database   Let’s Practice!
  10. Generate a Data Dictionary – Let’s Practice!
  11. CRUD Matrix – Let’s Practice!
  12. Creating Tables, Attributes, and Foreign Keys – Let’s Practice!
  13. Creating Indexes, Triggers, Procedures – Let’s Practice!
  14. Generate Data Model Website – Let’s Practice

Experience the most comprehensive Virtual Learning and Mentorship available for learners interested in growing your career. Learn from an experienced consultant and mentor who reveals proven industry best practices and prepares you or your team to become skilled and confident in your use of Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems.


Ramsay Millar

Practice Leader, Mentor, Enterprise Architect SME Ramsay Millar has delivered over 1,100 business and technology modeling project assignments and trained over 4,000 business architects, business analysts, enterprise architects, agile project managers, solution architects and software engineers since 2001.

The professionals Ramsay has mentored appreciate his common sense, wide industry skills, and the direct experience he brings to the show.
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Integrate iT Training

Use your Web  Browser to read, learn, search, make notes, and print your personal Practice Leaders eBook. Your supplied eBook contains practical steps required to master and grow confident when using Enterprise Architect to deliver your next project and is directly linked to the ALLin1 EA Repository Case Study.


Enterprise Archetecture Software

Download the supplied ALLin1 EA Repository to your PC Desktop. The Repository and additional course resources contain everything you need to get started including a production ready reuseable Repository loaded with Project ad Document Templates, Diagram Stencils, and real-world consulting Case Study samples.

 “It has been nearly impossible to figure out how to use Enterprise Architect to manage a real project. INTEGRATE iT involved the entire project team and we are saving time and producing quality requirements within one week” – Director, Agile Software Delivery

“The Business Analyst Toolkits provided by INTEGRATE iT during the course saved twenty business analysts at our Fortune 10 Healthcare company many months of standards work and setup time, we began our critical project immediately after training.  There isn’t a week that goes by when I’m not using one of the productivity tools to help solve problems, speed things or make my team more productive.”  - Fiona Lindberg, CBAP – McKesson Health Systems

"Even though Enterprise Architect is an extremely powerful tool and more feature rich than all the competing products we have reviewed in our RFP, it is hard to apply it without proper mentorship delivered by Ramsay Millart." – Marc Ginns, Chief Enterprise Architect, Duke Energy

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